Countryway Boulevard Speed Limit Changes

Drivers accustomed to traveling 45 miles per hour on Countryway Boulevard north of Linebaugh will have to ease off the gas pedal this month.

In March Hillsborough County decided to make the speed limit a consistent 35 mph between Linebaugh and Race Track Road. In recent years this stretch of Countryway has had two different speed limits, 45 mph between roughly Citrus Park Drive and Race Track Road and 35 mph from Citrus Park Drive to Linebaugh.

While the county acknowledged it has no record of why the stretch had different speed limits, it decided to make them consistent when a Mandolin resident inquired about the differing speed limits and requested it be made 35 mph throughout.

Shires Voting Member (VM) Ruben Collazo, however, confirmed with WOW that in the past he had requested the 35 mph speed limit outside of The Shires entrance to enable that neighborhood’s residents to more safely enter and exit the neighborhood. “Many years ago I worked with the county engineers and persuaded them to lower the speed limit near The Shires,” he said. Hearing of the county’s March decision, Collazo stated, “Making it consistent throughout will make it considerably safer for our neighbors to the north and I applaud the county for doing so.”

The speed limit will likely officially change in early April. In preparation, the county will place message boards announcing the change on Countryway Boulevard for two weeks prior to when the change is made.

By Chris Barrett, Publisher; Photo by James Broome Photography

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