WCA Board Hears Tennis Player Requests

Directors heard from several tennis players during the open forum session of the August Westchase Community Association (WCA) Board of Directors’ meeting.

Bridges resident Kristen DeAngelo asked the board the status of the budget items she had sent them for consideration, social programming for tennis players, a tennis court reservation system and court refurbishment, and was told that they were on the list to be discussed during the budget workshop at the end of the month.

Harbor Links resident Catherine Ansel said that the current reservation system made it difficult to plan matches with others since players can only book three days in advance and that there was an issue with courts being double booked. She said that it happened just last week and that one time when she got to the courts, the one she had reserved was already in use and she had to ask the people to leave. Then when she and her partner were mid-way through their game, other people showed up saying they had the court reserved and asked her to leave.

West Park Village (WPV) resident Carmen Fiorito asked if the outside gate to the tennis courts in WPV could be left unlocked. “It is very inconvenient to have people coming in through the pool entrance. If you are on courts 9 or 10, you have to stop playing every time someone comes in and out.” She also asked if the rocks next to the pool deck could be removed because kids throw them onto the tennis courts.

All three pointed out that the courts were in bad shape and in need of repair. Players were told that the courts were under a maintenance schedule and would be resurfaced soon but that the cost to resurface and repaint the entire courts was cost prohibitive compared to repairing and repainting cracks.

All of the residents left after the open forum before the official board meeting was called to order. About an hour into the meeting, Board President Ruben Collazo asked Facilities Manager Kelly Shires to comment on the requests and comments from the tennis players. Director Michele Del Sordo said, “We should have had Kelly respond when they were here.”

Director Ashley Wait-Woodcock said that she agreed.

Collazo asked, “Don’t you want to hear from Kelly?”

Wait-Woodcock responded, “Not now, not with the tennis players not here.”

Directors approved Movies in the Park for October through March as well as a proposal to clean the WCA offices for $195 a month.

Board Treasurer Shawn Yesner said that the Swim Booster Club was re-formed after a hiatus and suggested that the board ask them to check in once or twice a year.

Landscape Committee Chair Joaquin Arrillaga said that he had asked for the association attorney’s opinion on how the new Florida law regarding tree removal would affect the HOA’s guidelines and that their reply was that the law would not affect HOA procedure.

Community Association Manager Debbie Sainz said that the county was inspecting every public pool regarding new rules. One states that the slats on pool fences must be less than four inches apart and that the Westchase pool fences did not meet that regulation. She said that the county representative had suggested installing coated PVC wire on the inside and that the Association would need to plant extra landscaping to hide it. Directors asked that she get quotes for replacing the fences and Government Affairs Committee Chair Rick Goldstein said he would talk to his contacts at the county about extending the deadline for making the updates. After a follow up call the next day, Goldstein said that the county admitted that the fences might not need to be changed at all and said they would come take another look.

All directors voted in favor of reinstating the Master Plan Committee with Joaquin Arrillaga as chair.

Due to an incident where someone broke into the WPV facilities and threw deck chairs into the pool, directors revisited the idea of installing security cameras. Del Sordo said that not many people had weighed in on the Facebook page, but those that had were in favor of the idea. Goldstein said that he thought that if installed, they should only be for night time use. Arrillaga pointed out that when the board looked into installing cameras years ago, the WCA attorney had advised against it and the board ultimately decided to drop the subject.

The next WCA board meeting will be Thursday, Sept. 5, at the WCA office at 10049 Parley Dr.

By Marcy Sanford

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