WCA Board Hears Resident Survey Results

The Feb. 13 saw WCA Board members review results from their mailed homeowner survey.

Directors of the Westchase Community Association (WCA) began their February meeting hearing homeowner appeals regarding violations. Directors waived 90 percent of the violation fee for a Woodbay homeowner who had received a violation for dead and weedy sod but had since corrected the violation. They also waived 90 percent of a Radcliffe homeowner’s fee for numbers painted on the curb. The homeowner said he had received a postcard offering to paint the numbers on the curb during the first few weeks after his family moved into their home and did not realize that it was against the rules since the postcard stated that it was HOA approved. He said it took him several rounds of paint remover and pressure washing but that the numbers were now gone. West Park Village Voting Member Mary Griffith said that it might be a good idea to remind homeowners, through various communication channels, that it was against the rules to have house numbers painted on the curb.

Directors tabled a Harbor Links resident’s violation regarding an air conditioner screen because while she had screened the air conditioning unit, she had not used the correct materials. Directors gave her until the March WCA meeting to remedy the situation.

Government Affairs Committee (GAC) Chair Rick Goldstein was absent from the meeting but in his absence, GAC member Eric Holt reported that Nancy Sells had resigned from the committee.

Director Dale Sells presented the Facilities Rules Committee’s recommended changes to the WCA’s Tennis Court Rules. The main changes state residents must make reservations for court times using the online reservation system (currently yourcourts.com); if residents are more than 15 minutes late for their reservation, it may be given away; participation in the tennis program will be suspended for failure to pay fees and charges and if there are non-residents’ guests using the courts, the resident who made the reservation must be on the court the entire time.

President Shawn Yesner said that there wasn’t a report from the Social Activity Committee because the committee did not have any members yet. He added, however, that he would love for a Westchase resident to step up to oversee the committee.

Community Association Manager Debbie Sainz reported that 525 letters had been sent to homeowners who had not paid their annual assessments. She said this was on average with the number which had been sent out in previous years. She also reported that there was a leak at the West Park Village Pool near the drain between the front entrance and the kiddie pool. She said that Facilities Manager Kelly Shires would be digging up a section of concrete around the leak and that a plumber would cap off the pipe. Once this is done, the shower at the kiddie pool will no longer be operational but swimmers can use the shower near the restrooms.

All directors voted in favor of hiring FPAT to conduct the WCA’s insurance valuation update, which is required every three years.

All directors voted in favor of purchasing 4 PickleNet Deluxe nets at a cost of $1,210.86 for the tennis courts at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center on Countryway. All also voted in favor of Lawson Courts’ bid to replace sagging fencing around the tennis courts for $16,800.

Sells reported on the results of the resident survey that went out with the bill for the annual assessment fees. He said about seven percent of the households in Westchase responded. The surveys will be turned over to Joaquin Arrillaga for the Master Planning Committee to use in their efforts. He said that there were also several responses which fell into the purview of the Westchase Community Development District (CDD) and that he had passed those comments along to that group.

Some of the survey highlights included residents responding they would like to see more programs for adults and renovations to the tennis courts and bathrooms at both facilities. When asked which of a list of factors about Westchase was most important, the top three responses were property values, aesthetics and amenities. The board had been considering a change to the alcohol restrictions at facilities but 70 percent of survey respondents said they agreed with the current policy so directors decided to leave the policy, which bans alcohol, as is. Sixty-one percent of respondents also said that they agreed that permanent sports equipment like basketball goals should not be allowed.

By Marcy Sanford

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