WCA Board Approves 2020 Budget; Adds Morning Swim Hours Starting Sept. 16

The Westchase Community Association (WCA) Directors started their September Board meeting by unanimously approving Board Treasurer Shawn Yesner’s motion to accept the 2020 WCA budget.

The adopted budget, which establishes a homeowner assessment of $289, reflects the spending blueprint that emerged from the Aug. 28 budget workshop with the capital contribution from new homeowners adjusted to match the assessment. The assessment represents a $15 increase over this year’s dues.

Community Association Manager (CAM) Debbie Sainz reported that she was getting bids for different facility improvement projects, including renovating the sand volleyball courts and updating chairs and tables at and replacing the floor of the activity room at the Swim and Tennis Center on Countryway Boulevard, painting the West Park Village (WPV) office interior and updating the audio/visual equipment at both facilities. Director Ashley Wait-Woodcock said that when she visited the bathroom at the Countryway Boulevard facilities during the budget workshop, she noticed that it was in horrible shape. Sainz said that it was scheduled for refurbishment in 2021 but that she’d get bids to see what could be done earlier.

Directors waived 90 percent of a homeowner’s fine for a violation that had been corrected with the remaining 10 percent (to cover association costs), due within 30 days.

Directors then turned the discussion to complaints from pool staff about someone at the pool who had discussed school shootings with staff and made other remarks that made the staff feel uncomfortable. Facilities Manager Kelly Shires said that several of the lifeguards had asked to not be scheduled at the pool anymore. Board President Ruben Collazo said, “A homeowner has violated the code of conduct and made intolerable statements to staff. People have a right to say anything but staff does not have to listen to it.” He suggested suspending the resident’s usage for 90 days.

Wait-Woodcock, however, asked if the resident had been given a warning and when told he had not said, “I don’t think it is right to remove his rights if he has not been warned.”

Shires said the person in question, “did not have a filter. He’s been talking about school shootings, said every kid in the pool is going to be involved in a school shooting. He says the people in the pool are aliens. We’ve never said anything to him because we’re not sure of his mental state.”

“I wonder if we’re handling this the right way,” said Director Michele Del Sordo. “We were supposed to have the sheriff resource officer visit him. Did he?”

Director Joaquin Arrillaga also had questions about the correct way to handle the situation. “I don’t think we are equipped to handle the situation. We do not know if it would escalate. It should be handled through lawyers, psychologists and professionals. When someone talks about school shootings, we should call the FBI and police.”

Collazo said he had not been able to talk to the sheriff’s resource officer yet but that he would do so first thing the next day. Wait-Woodcock suggested that in the meantime Shires instruct the lifeguards to tell the individual that they could not talk to him because they were on duty and needed to stay focused on the pool.

After it was pointed out that the person in question was staying with his parents and was an adult but was at the pool as their guest, Wait-Woodcock suggested contacting the parents first but Arrillaga said, “If it was graffiti or other behavioral issues, I’d agree but this is bigger.” Arrillaga made a motion to ask the board president and association manager to contact the sheriff’s office and legal counsel. Directors voted 4-3 in favor of the motion with Wait-Woodcock, Yesner and Del Sordo voting against.

All directors voted in favor of hiring Florida State Fence to install fencing at the pool at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center on Countryway Boulevard to bring it into compliance with county code. All voted in favor of Collazo’s motion to donate old WCA computer tablets to Wounded Warriors.

Sainz reported that she had asked three companies to bid on the resurfacing of tennis courts and that two of the three had responded: Welch Tennis Courts, Inc., who has performed the work in the past, and Sport Court Construction. She said that she would like to wait for the third bid from Lawson Courts before making a decision. Arrillaga said that he did not think the association should use Welch again since their approach with the courts had not worked.

Wait-Woodcock asked, “Can we get an outside opinion from someone who is not trying to sell us something?”

Shires said he thought no matter which company was used that the same problems with cracking would occur because the problem was with the ground under the courts.

All voted in favor of Arrillaga’s motion to give the president and association manager authority to decide between the quotes, after reviewing the one from Lawson, and for the Sainz to contact USTA first to ask for recommendations.

All voted in favor of Wait-Woodcock’s motion to approve Solar Tek Window Tinting’s bid to tint the windows at the tennis cabana and activity rooms at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center.

At the Aug. 28 budget workshop, participants agreed to add extended pool hours beginning in the new year based on residents’ requests. Collazo said after the workshop, he heard from many people asking that the WCA begin extended pool hours earlier than January. All voted in favor of his motion to begin the extended hours in mid-September and asking Shires to collect data on how many people used the pool.

Arrillaga said he recommended that the board be very careful about spending $400-500 a week if only four to five residents were using the pool. Beginning Sept. 16, the extended hours at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center pool on Countryway Boulevard will be 7-10 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The West Park Village pool will also be open daily 3-8 p.m. The pool at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center on Countryway Boulevard will be open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Directors all voted in favor of Del Sordo’s motion to open the West Park Village pool from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on all federal holidays during the fall/winter pool hours except for Christmas and Thanksgiving days.

By Marcy Sanford

Editor’s Note: The above article has been corrected since its original posting. The original article incorrectly stated that the added early hours would be at the West Park Village pool. It has been corrected to show the added hours will be at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center pool. WOW regrets the error.

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